e the tree of the world deliberately.

Not only the chief judge began to lose control, but other judges in the tavern also showed signs of losing control.
“Sir Golden Boom Doctor Lorien, I say I can drive.”
When a spellcaster was showing off his new golden legend to his friend, the out-of-control judge directly lifted the Hearthstone arcade machine. Turned to the frost elf.
Chapter 194 The Situation When
he saw the new judge walking towards Tai Lin, Messiah instantly realized that the situation was developing in an extremely unfavorable direction.
What makes Messiah this view is not the murderous intent released 南京龙凤论坛 from the judge, but the
most unfortunate when the judge overturned a magic machine playing Hearthstone when he walked to Tailin . It was Messiah who knew the two players sitting next to 南京419论坛 the magic machine.
One of them was Sir Lorian, a knight from the country of steel. He usually invites Messiah to play against Hearthstone.
The biggest headache for Messiah was the player sitting opposite Sir
Lorian. His Royal Highness Kaos von Otto, the prince of the Iron Kingdom, was rumored to be the prince most likely to inherit the throne.
Messiah remembered that the prince only appeared in the Hearthstone Tavern a few weeks ago. Perhaps it was Messiah’s guess that the prince seemed to be coming for the succubus Inno.
But in any case, the judge caused a great trouble for his own table-lifting behavior.
Prince Kaos seems to have just opened a rare golden legend from the Goblin vs. Gnome card pack, but the judge rudely overturned the magic machine.
It has never happened before in a tavern when the magical machinery used to play Hearthstone was knocked to the ground.
Even the 南京桑拿会所 dwarves with reckless character would not make this kind of reckless behavior when using this magic machine, at most they accidentally spilled ale on the screen.
This is the first time this magical machine has been treated so rudely, and it has also malfunctioned.
Prince Kaos, who had just been excited bec