n next year. He Ding Zongshu is not an opponent at all, even if Zhou Dynasty helps first.

“Therefore, I won’t make this kind of promise!” Zhou Chao first said neatly: “Let’s join hands to bring down the rose, and then we will settle a dispute between gentlemen, and then the two of us will use legal canvassing methods to vote, whoever has more votes.
Go on.”
“How?” “And those who win will continue to help those who lose next year.”
This plan is pretty good.
Ding Zongshu considered it for a moment and nodded: “Okay!”
“This year, I will join hands with you first, and then compete with you!”
Ding Zongshu felt that he was still confident that he should try, but Zhou Chao knew that the other party had lost his attitude. Fall into his own rhythm.
Even 南京炮网 if he succeeded in defeating the Vietnamese gang, Ding Zongshu would not be Zhou’s opponent. The Zhou Dynasty first used Ding Zongshu completely, much better than Ding Zongshu.
This made the Zhou Dynasty very fulfilling to hold the tea cup first, and raised his hand to respect the tea ceremony with a chuckle: “Happy cooperation.”
“Happy cooperation.” Ding Zongshu held the tea cup.
The two drank a sip of tea each.
Ding Zongshu asked: “What are you going to do?”
“We don’t have to fight against Rose!”
“There is no benefit from fighting against Rose!”
“There is still a lot of trouble.”
Zhou Chao first preached: “We only need to do things in reverse, and Rose will naturally want it. Lost. The guy colluded with Rose Yin and made it clear that he wanted us to die. Why are we afraid of
him ?” “He usually uses’Master Song’ to transport black gold and transport benefits. We only need to catch Master Song back and try it. The first trial, hehe.”
“Isn’t it a pile of black materials?”
” Hey !” Ding Zongshu gasped, and he didn’t expect that Zhou Dynasty would be so cruel! 南京水磨会所
Instead of fighting with Rose, the sword turned and pointed directly at Minister Hou.
If Minister Hou is broken and Rose is broken, then they are also broken!