strength of the Japanese army. He thought for a while and said: “Since we are worried, we might as well blow them up.”

When the two heard it, they all looked at Jiang Hao. Jiang Hao pulled out the map and spread it out. He pointed to the map and said, “Now Fuzhou has not been occupied by the Japanese. There is an airport in Fuzhou, which can be used as a springboard. The planes are all blown up, don’t you just solve everything.”
There are more than 1,600 南京夜生活论坛 kilometers from Shancheng to Taiwan, which has greatly exceeded the combat radius of the Mustang fighter, and the fuel tank is not enough. Fortunately, Fuzhou is still in the hands of the Chinese. It is much closer to Taiwan. As long as you stop here to refuel, this plan can be implemented.
“However, to bomb Songshan Airport, not all the planes are needed. I have another plan. I will reorganize a formation and bomb the Japanese warships at Ningbo Port. This will not only surprise us, but also hide our true intentions.”
Zhigarev used After measuring with his finger, he nodded and said: “My bomber is completely okay.” The
last two discussed, and the soldiers were divided into two groups. Jiang Hao led the two Silver Dragon squadrons to escort the Soviet Air Force bomber formation and directly killed Taiwan. The other pair, commanded by Colonel Cameron, led the remaining two Silver Dragon squadrons, plus 10 P17 bombers, to bomb Japanese warships.
Hearing this plan, Zhou Zhirou said with excitement: “Okay, I will report to the chairperson 南京炮网 immediately.”
Jiang Hao and Zhigalev at the same time instructed, “Pay attention to confidentiality.”
A plane took off, long distance Trek to Fuzhou Airport. All the fighters landed at Fuzhou Airport and took off again after emergency refueling. This time, the two teams separated and rushed towards their respective targets.
The port of Ningbo was calm at the moment. They did not expect that the Chinese war had the opportunity to fought for thousands of kilometers, and they traveled here