picking something wrong, on the contrary, I think it’s just right. The first magic movie, it needs easy access. Understand.”

This is not to comfort Firme, but what he thinks in his heart is indeed the case.
Gao Wen does not lack any horror, bizarre, and wonderful script ideas. In fact, in such an era when spiritual entertainment is scarce, he just picks up countless stories that exceed contemporary dramas in terms of plot structure, suspense settings, and world background. The story, but if it is used as the script of the first magical drama, those things may not be suitable.
The first magic movie is for the public, and most 南京桑拿论坛 of these audiences have never watched even the simplest drama in their entire life.
The story is too tortuous and bizarre, they may not understand it, the story is too divorced from their lives, they may not be able 南京炮网 to read it, the story is too rich in connotation, and the metaphor is far-reaching. They may even think that the “magic drama” is a kind of boring thing. Keep it away, no matter how difficult it is to promote.
In Gao Wen’s view, it is far more appropriate for a “local” to compile a story for the “local” than to collect a few legends from different worlds in his mind. The latter has to be painstakingly processed. In line with the local world view, the processing may not arouse the interest of the people.
“To be honest, I know a lot of things in this story for the first time,” Eleven said with a shy smile beside Firme. “Father is right. I should come out. See the world and learn something.” As he
said, the heir of the Western Realm glanced at his friend on the other side, with a little curiosity on his face: “Fendil, what’s 南京419论坛 the matter with you? Why do you feel restless since just now?
Like ?” “I’m nothing, maybe it’s an illusion.” Fendier, who has short silver hair and a tall, atmospheric body, looked a little nervous and worried at the moment. He smiled and shook his head. Good feeling, it seems to be in trouble.”
Firme suddenly became nervous: “