c situation is that they are absolutely unwilling to leave Nolan Magic Net coverage. The scope of not being able to visit the magic net is like killing me and so on.

This situation happened to Qiao Xiu when Qiao Xiu first came into this world.
No human being in the information age can stand the boring entertainment of the Middle Ages, at least Qiao Xiu can’t.
Qiao Xiu stopped his magic car, just at the portal of Nolan, I can see the team of Queen Yekana from a distance.
“Go, Eno.” Qiao Xiu said to the succubus behind him.
Yinuo nodded, grabbed the envelope in his hand, got out of the car and ran towards there quickly.
Qiao Xiu and Xili continued to stay in the magic car, watching Yinuo’s back.
Ino’s approach certainly attracted the attention of the guards of the Iron Kingdom, and they instantly blocked the overly beautiful girl.
“I’m looking for Mr. Kaos.” Yinuo said anxiously while looking at Kaos 南京品茶网 who was about to enter the teleportation array in the distance.
“His Royal Highness, he is not the one you want to see and leave here soon” The guard took into account the surrounding Nolan law enforcement officers, and did not do anything rough to Ino.
“Mr. Kaos”
Eno saw that the explanation had no effect, so he shouted out the name of Prince Kaos.
Kaos, who was about to step into the teleportation formation in an instant, seemed to hear Yinuo’s voice, but he walked towards the teleportation formation without looking back.
Yinuo yelled again, this time it was regarded as angering the guard, and they rudely pushed Yinuo to the ground.
The moment Yinuo fell to the ground, Prince Kaos stopped his steps.
Prince Kaos, the
“mother” , ran quickly to the outside of the portal after getting permission from his mother.
The prince 南京桑拿会所 instantly pushed away the rough guards and helped Yi Nuo who fell on the ground.
And these were all seen by Qiao Xiu and Xili.
“Can this scene be used to write 南京水磨会所 about love?” Xili asked Qiao Xiu in a low voice.
“What you want to write should be