lthough it is wasteful, it is indeed feasible.

For Dong Chengling, this thing became her space transmission coordinate, and also her long-distance spellcasting medium. Now that she can only use a little aura, she can input a large amount of aura to Ren Suo’s necklace in advance as the activation energy to overcome the lack of aura of the body.
Realizing that Ren Suo suddenly found such a’safe’ way to borrow her power, even if it was 南京龙凤论坛 Dong Chengling, she couldn’t help but raise a murderous intent in her heart-she was always ready to accept the’unsafe’ method. Up!
Although the determination in his heart was so ruined by Ren Suo, Dong Chengling also knew that it was an emergency and quickly recovered his calm, quickly grasped the current cyclone situation, and estimated the aura needed for remote spell casting.
But at this time there was a quarrel outside, and then someone knocked on the door. Without waiting for Ren Suo to pass, the door of the room was quickly opened, and Lorifis’s silver-haired head came in. Seeing the two of them sitting neatly on the bed, he couldn’t help but tsk and exit disappointedly.
Ren Xingmei also took a look and said embarrassingly: “Lorifis suddenly came over, I couldn’t stop her”
“It’s okay, even the clone did not stop her, indicating 南京桑拿论坛 that she was really sudden.” Ren Suo said indifferently.
Soon Loriffice’s oops voice sounded outside: “You still shoot!? You still shoot three times, you think my head is the ball!?”
Ren Xingmei quit with a hum, but before she left. He rubbed the door of the room, let it 南京炮网 open and didn’t close it, and went out and sat on the chair opposite the door, pretending to look carelessly.
Dong Chengling couldn’t help smiling: “You guys! The two brothers and sisters are really interesting.”
“Really?” Ren Suo tilted his head: “I don’t think I’m a very interesting person. Maybe it’s the beauty in your lover’s eyes?”
Dong Chengling couldn’t distinguish between Ren Suo for a while. Was Suo telling the truth or not, she blinked her ey