ined by Elder Enya for a year and stayed in contemplation for a long time. I haven’t seen her for a long time.”

“One year .” Confinement, you longevity species can waste a lot of time.”
Qiao Xiu waved his hand to open the interface of the magic net vision, although Al has accumulated enough popularity, high elves like other elves can collect beliefs through the worship of creatures. Power.
“As you can see, I am going to open a shop in Arthur Crowe. I have heard your discussion just now. Elder Sindonar, do you want your ethnic group to make changes, right?”
Qiao Xiu looked at this seriously. Asked a young elf elder.
“The appearance of the Council of Elders supporting Arthur Crow’s glory is really ugly, so I will look for another way of redemption.” Elder Sindonar said.
“Then please 南京品茶网 introduce our shop to the young high elves. The change is to start from contact with the outside world, right?”
Qiao Xiu found a leaflet with a simple stroke on paper and pen, which is probably a cartoon little one. Image of people with 南京水磨会所 thumbs up.
“The change starts from contact with the outside world.” The black man next to him murmured what Qiao Xiu said, “I still don’t understand why the holy tree chose you.”
“This answer is also very simple.”
Suddenly Qiao Xiu appeared on his head. A white cat was lying on his stomach, and a standing black cat appeared on Qiao Xiu’s left shoulder, and the remaining white bird landed on Qiao Xiu’s right shoulder.
Seeing these three holy tree spirits appearing on Qiao Xiu at the same time, the man in black was surprised that the bread stuffed in his mouth fell to the ground without any notice.
“Because I have saved the Black Wood Elf and Frost Elf, their lives are very comfortable now.” Qiao Xiu stretched out his hand and scratched the chin of the white cat on his head.
592 Appetite Arthur Crow, Hall of 南京夜生活论坛 Contemplation. CO
Al sat on the chair with her legs in her arms, and the interface of the magic net was presented in front of her.
During the year in