are really Dongxing, it would be even simpler. It’s easier to molest girls in the street, Dong. Xing will clean up the door himself, and it is possible to break his hands or feet.”

“So cruel?” The girl was speechless.
“Every business has rules. Because of the rules, Dongxing’s business will be so good, and you will come and shop with peace of mind.” Chen Yongren said.
The woman thought for a while and nodded seriously.
The girl’s beautiful eyes patrolled Chen Yongren, and the more she looked at the policeman, the more handsome she suddenly said, “Police officer, you 南京龙凤论坛 haven’t registered my information yet.”
Chen Yongren was slightly taken aback, “Do you need to call the police?” The
girl smiled slyly. Need it”.
“Well, I will give you a brief record, and then you have time to go to the police station to make a detailed transcript.” Chen Yongren said as he took out his notebook and asked, “Name?”
“Hong Kong Baptist. University student, but I am about to graduate.”
Chen Yongren couldn’t help but looked up at the girl again. He didn’t expect to be a college student.
“Contact information.”
“My bedroom phone number is xxxxxxx, and my page number is xxxxxxx.”
“What kind of case are you reporting?” The
girl looked at Chen Yongren’s badge and said with a smile, “Officer Chen Yongren, this is my contact information. You can contact me after you get off work.” After the
girl 南京419论坛 finished speaking, she grabbed her female partner’s hand and ran off, leaving a laugh all the way. Chen Yongren looked at the girl who 南京龙凤网 ran away and was a little surprised. Did she get soaked by the girl.
Ah Wei stood by, looking at Chen Yongren who was in a daze, and sighed, “Oh~~, Brother Ren, I have been patrolling the street for more than a year, and no girl has come to me to strike up a conversation with me. You only took to the street today. , There is such a beautiful girl to leave a phone call for you.”
” Are handsome people so unreasonable.” He shook his head and con