ything will be fine when the sun rises tomorrow.”

“I hope so.”
Near the temple of Nim Sandro in the desert city, in the only house with lights on, a white-haired girl named Naritil has leaned against the corner and is sleeping soundly in the haystack, while the old man Duvalt is sitting like a guard. Not far away, sitting cross-legged on the ground, he seemed to pray religiously.
Yuri watched this scene and couldn’t help whispering to Selena next to him: “To be honest, I was ready to fight when Duvalte said that Naritil was very hungry. I am true. Unexpectedly, she was really hungry.”
Selena’s answer was very brief: “The more normal, the more abnormal.”
“How long shall we continue to’accompany’ these two 南京桑拿会所 people?”
“It depends on the foreigner Gawain Cecil. Opinion.”
Selena said softly, her eyes falling on Gawain who was not far away.
Gawain stood up and came to Duvalt who seemed to have finished a prayer.
“The god is dead,” he said to the vicissitudes of life. “Who are you praying to?” “Get
used to it,” Duvalt smiled and shook his head. “You know, there is inertia to believe in this thing.”
Yes .” When he said “belief has inertia”, his tone was rather complicated.
Gao Wen couldn’t understand the psychological changes of a person who had wandered in a deserted world for many years. He just shook his head and waved his hand to disperse a spider that had run on a nearby pillar.
“There are a lot of spiders here at night,” Duvalt said, “but don’t worry, they are all gentle and harmless, and will take the initiative to avoid people.”
Chapter 811 Predation The
night is getting deeper.
According to Selena, the first group of explorers who entered sandbox No. 1 to check the situation were attacked after nightfall.
Gao Wen stood in front of the house, looking up at the clear night sky in the 南京水磨会所 desert area. His surface was calm and calm, but he was secretly mobilizing his perception of his surroundings and mobilizing various arrangements.
Until now, no strange phenom