oment on the wall. I fell into a silent silence, only the shouting in the distance and the howling and crackling in the air one after another. After a whole number of minutes, the voice of the Duke Baldwin broke the silence: “Your Majesty, do the worst in everything. Intended, if the reinforcements do not arrive in seven days, are you ready?”

“Of course,” Welsh said calmly, “my name is Moen.”
“Then Franklin is with you.”
The dazzling light stream formed by the “calibrator” beam gradually dissipated, and only a twisted trajectory remained in the air showing that the terrible torrent had existed before, and those on the river bank might be threatening. After the clusters of armored cargo ships were wiped out, the entire fleet began to accelerate again, quickly moving on to the north bank of the Gorgon River.
On the Pioneer, a huge armored griffin landed steadily on the wide deck. A female griffon rider turned over and jumped off the mount, and after handing her partner to the corresponding soldier, the female knight walked not far away. Bridge.
A few minutes later, Amber came to Gao 南京龙凤论坛 Wen’s side:
“The Griffin Rider observed signs of large-scale fighting far north. It is located on the west bank of the Gorgon River. It seems that someone is organizing a blockade of the river bank to resist the crystal cluster crossing the river– Judging from the magic reaction, the party who blocked the river bank was not at a disadvantage.”
“It seems that the royal capital side is not completely paralyzed. At least they have enough power to block a part of the Gorgon River bank to prevent the spread of pollution,” Gao Wen nodded slightly. , Said with relief, “It should be the Duke Franklin’s West Legion that has arrived-the West Legion’s combat effectiveness is not as good as the East and North, but it is at least one of the National Defender Legions. It can still be done by blocking a river bank.”
Amber also 南京夜生活论坛 nodded: “In this way, we 南京龙凤网 won’t have to worry too much about the pollution of crossing the riv