e will be sentenced to death in the next second.

“It’s not a punishment, I just want to know the answer.”
The words of the Blood Duke gave the blood races below courage.
“Master Duke, I have played a few games.”
Finally someone raised his hand silently and said.
“I am also Lord Duke, 南京龙凤论坛 and the current division is two thousand and one hundred points.”
Another kinsman also raised his hand. After he heard that there were people around him who had played with the Holy Spirit like himself, he was proud of his comparison. Reported his own ranking score.
“Lord Duke, my current division is 3,700 points.”
Before the blood prince realized what was going on, the people below began to report the numbers one by one. This number is higher than the other, which makes the blood prince have a kind. The illusion that I am participating in the auction.
The six hundred and seventy-third chapter is so angry!
Duke Blood sat at the front end of a long table in the main hall. This was a position of power. During normal meals, his family members would line up on both sides of the long table.
But today is a little different. 南京品茶网 The blood prince’s family members are standing behind him, and his youngest daughter, Pest, is standing beside him.
“This is the Holy Spirit you are playing with”
Under the guidance of Pest, Duke Blood logged onto the official website of Warcraft. After spending fifteen gold coins to buy a deluxe version, it took less than ten minutes to download the entire game.
“The Holy Spirit is an extended game mode of Warcraft. Father, you have to click here, and then press match to be able to play.” Pest said.
“Let me explore it myself.”
Duke Blood looked at the interface presented by the magic net in front of him. This interface revealed a breath of iron and blood, and the sound of gears could be heard even the moment the button was pressed.
At this moment, Duke Blood admitted that he still underestimated Qiao Xiu.
Since the appearance 南京桑拿论坛 of the Magic Net, the curiosity and thirst f