e 2 action points will also take effect when the Patriarch’s role is “singing spirits”!

What do you mean?
That is, every time the role of the
Patriarch engages in spiritual encounters, it can be guaranteed- a double shot!
Therefore, in the 32 years of this archive, if the gender is not completely different from the role of the Patriarch, or the Patriarch is not yet 14 years old, Ren Suo will let the Patriarch come first!
It’s a multiplication weapon!
However, with such a plug-in, the difficulty of the game is still that Ren Suo can’t beat the blood all night long.
Of course,南京龙凤网 one of the major reasons for this is that the 22nd year of Jian’an-that is, the great plague in 217 years in the Central Plains The region produces large-scale monster copies, powerful, and numerous. If they can’t quickly extinguish them,南京桑拿会所 these monsters will definitely come to the door to destroy the clan.
But the plague of 217 was only the one that Ren Suo was about to face-the battle of Yiling in 222!
Ren Suo, who had been studying the Romance of the Three Kingdoms a few days ago, has memorized this period of history. However, readers can’t help but say the number of words. It can be summarized briefly: In the summer of 222, Liu Beijun was burned by Lu Xun’s camp and killed 80,000 people!
No more than 80,000 people, the point is that many of these 80,000 people are elite soldiers who have followed Liu Bei for a long time, and because of the tragic death of the fire, there are’extremely many’ flame ghosts in Yiling!
In the previous file, Ren Suo was just to solve this copy, and it was too difficult to fill in the entire Ren family’s children. Then after more than 南京品茶网ten years, the flame evil spirits were killing the elves everywhere, killing them and killing them to the Ren family base. In
this archive, Ren Suo was also thinking about how to overcome this difficulty, but the uncontrolled game characters are already in the game. Help him make a decision.
When Ren Suo wanted to send people out, suddenly a you